Inspired by a passion for cooking

The company setedits vision of a premium design hoods with sophisticated, easy-to-use features. It is the vision that supports Achtecon to be one of the the world’s leading brand for innovative, distinctive hoods with timeless beauty and functional aestheticism.

The current product range includes all type of cooker hoods from ceiling type to standard models. With its aspirations to high standards, the company follows the finest tradition in German-Italian design and, in its outstanding functionality, uncompromising quality and formal consistency, more than fulfils present-day requirements. The use of only the highest quality materials and precision craftsmanship are key factors in the durability of Achtecon cooker hoods.

Kitchen goes way beyond just preparing food…

Achtecon is the leading manufacturer for cooker hoods and standing with a pioneering role in innovation and design. With the young and dynamic team and German Engineering background

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